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About Kaki





我們都一直渴望一個獨特與真實的旅遊體驗 ...






About kaki

Past travelling experience has opened my eyes to appreciate the beauty of Malaysia and I can’t wait to introduce its charm to everyone! But based on my travel experience, I realized that there are few challenges might have hindered travellers from revealing "The Colours of Malaysia".

- Frankly, public transportation system in the country has always been a headache issue. It is available but inconvenient.

- Communication might not be the big problem in some tourist spots and more developed cities. Problems arise starting from most of the signpost which are written in Malay and especially in some genuine and local places, where mother tongue or Malay is the primary language for locals.

- Insufficient number of visitor information centres and the travel information causing traveller use a lot of time in figuring out where and what to do in Malaysia.

So, I am hoping to use my best effort to help more travellers to have a real and effective exploration rather than a “lost tourists” in Malaysia.