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Trip F: Cool Highland Retreat – Cameron Highlands (Full-day)

Trip F Description:

Specially designed for travellers to immerse in the natural highlands amidst greenery and serene farms.


Trip F Itinerary:

1. Pick up at your accommodation.

2. Meet some indigenous people along the way up the highland.

3. A Strawberry farm visit.

4. A visit to the farmer's market to reveal the life of the people in Cameron Highland.

5. Hunt for the local food and snacks.

6. Enjoy a cup of tea at the tea plantation and be amazed by the greenery scene.

7. Taste the famous Bean Sprout Chicken in Ipoh on the way back.

8. It's time to say goodbye., return to your accommodation.


Trip F Inclusive:

- All Transportation charges (Pick up and return services, car rental, driver, petrol, tol and car park fees).

- Travel buddy and information sharing.

- 2 local meals (lunch & dinner).


Trip F Exclusive:

- Local market food and shopping expenses.

- Tea tasting.



- Trip can start anytime from 8.00am to 9.00am.

- Duration of the trip is 9-10 hours.

- Any suggestion about the trip? Just send us an email. With Travkaki, your preference? opinion? is always our priority!Smile