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Malaysia TRAVKAKI - Your Local Travel Buddy

Always wish to have a local friend in your travel destination to give you the peace of mind and enjoy the local spirit? Why not hire a local friend called TravKaki in Malaysia?

SHAKE off the stereotyping! PLAY like you know the best! LEARN our true culture! LIVE like a real local!

Our concept is simply treating you as our oversea friend; we will propose the genuine sample trips or help you to design a private-made itinerary based on your personal interests. As your travel buddy, we love to share our local knowledge, bring you to the great places , taste the authentic food, solve your transportation hassles and also  recommend good accommodations to you! (You can even try the unique homestay experience with the locals! )

"Kaki" means Feet in Malay language and also referring to “Buddy” in casual way. We act as the “Travel Feet” to set your right step and also be your “Travel Buddy” along your exploration. This is why we call ourselves as “TravKaki”! “Travelling is neither a process of sightseeing through the lens nor a journey that busy in hopping on and off from the coaches aimlessly. To us, knowing a country in-depth is to blend into the local life!


How Does It Works?

1. Like our sample trip? (click here to refer to the samples)

Fill in the form below and tell us your favourite trip. TravKaki will then reply you with the itinerary details and price. Note: local sample itineraries are designed based on our local knowledge, but we are happy to alter the trip according to your requisites if you have any.



2. Wish to have an exclusive private-made trip?

Fill in the form below and send it to our email. This will help us to design your exclusive local trip according to your preference! Then we will come out with the private-made itinerary details and price for the trip.