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01 Art of ceramic

Air Hitam, a little town is easily to be missed unintentionally by the visitors. Nevertheless, it is actually a Haven for the Ceramic Lover. You can find wide range of potteries, earthenware, porcelain and stoneware here.

02 Railway coffee

This tremendous hand roasted coffee has beckoned numerous visitors to this lovely small town - Kluang. Join us to discover the meaning of “rail coffee”! You will be impressed by the other must- eat, “roti bakar” (toast bread/bun) or Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice). It is a truly local experience!

03 Eco exploration

Johor is comprised of diversity of natural attractions ranging from National Park, waterfalls, Eco Farm and Recreational Park. Definitely a great retreat with a peaceful and slow pace exploration.

04 Quaint fishing villages

Kukup is a fishing village famous with its seafood and “floating houses”. You can hop on the boat to discover the world's second largest mangrove forest and the unique “Kelong” (traditional fish farm, built on wooden poles).

05 Golfing

Johor has one of the highest numbers of golf courses in Malaysia, boasting almost 30 golf and country resort, making it a golfers’ paradise.

06 Scrumptious dishes

Otak-otak, beef noodle, laksa, Kuey Teow Zai, Mee Bandung…… Has no idea what to eat or how to order? No worries! Travel Kaki will bring you to indulge in these toothsome dishes!